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NEW! Stylish Divah® Glasses
NEW! Stylish Divah® Glasses Glasses are always in style! Made of plastic Currently this is the only color available Lens not featured for safety  Fits all 18" Divah Collection dolls Doll sold separately  ..
Beautiful Brianna
Brianna likes to have fun with her friends Maria and Dana. She also takes her role as big sister to Angela seriously, and always wants to set a good example that's why she studies hard and gets straight A's. Her self-confidence is obvious, right down to her "Positively Perfect" dress. She also loves to help care for the twins, Angela and Aaliyah. Although they are identical, big sister Brianna can easily tell them apart. She can't wait till the babies are big enough to play outside, but for now, Brianna knows she must be delicate and gentle with them. After she helps fold and put away all of the twins snugly clothes, Brianna plays dress-up with Maria and Dana. • 14" doll • Brush Included • Soft doll with vinyl head, legs and arms doll • *Garments may vary   ..
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Bath time Angela
Angela is relaxing in her white terry cloth bathrobe trimmed with colorful butterflies, matching belt, bow, booties, and pearl white studded earrings. This cute newborn is accessorized with a pacifier, teddy bear, lotion bottle, powder bottle, baby wash bottle, towel and potty.  She has soft curly baby hair, beautiful bronzed skin and golden brown eyes. Angela is ready to soak for bubbly bath time. 10″ doll Lotion bottle, powder bottle, towel and potty included Soft doll *Garments may vary ..
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Marvelous Maria
Maria, while being a straight "A" student is the athlete of the group. She can jump high and run fast. She plays soccer and basketball, and beats most boys in school sports. She eats healthy food and encourages her best friends Dana and Brianna to do the same. She is always the first one at practice, and the coach often lets her lead the warm-up drills and stretches. She motivates team members to practice, practice, practice, so everyone stays healthy and ready to play. Soccer is her favorite sport and she enjoys Saturday games, because her whole family comes out to cheer her on. Maria is the captain of her team and she is always shows good sportsmanship. Sure, she wants to win every game, but she also knows that even in defeat she must conduct herself like a winner. • 14" doll • Brush Included • Soft doll with vinyl head, legs and arms doll • *Garments may vary     ..
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Beautiful Brianna Styling Head
Brianna is a Divah in training, always ready for a hairstyle change. Using her comb and brush she spends hours trying out new hairstyles beginning with her realistic sounding blow-dryer, then adds ribbons and finishes with pink or purple barrettes and hairpieces to keep her hair looking flawless.  Her cape keeps her looking "Positively Perfect." 10″ doll Hair accessories included Vinyl doll bodie   ..
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Darling Dana
Dana has gorgeous caramel skin tone with a beautiful afro puff and earrings. She loves to learn and she is an "A" student. Her favorite subjects are science, math and reading. After studying and finishing her homework she and friend, Brianna go watch their friend, Maria play sports. Dana gets so excited about discovering new things. She loves to explore in her backyard—gathering fallen leaves of different shapes, watching bugs scurry in the grass, and picking bright flowers from the garden. She inspects everything and then comes inside, to learn more about her finds on the computer. Dana shares every detail of her discoveries with her teacher and classmates. It's no secret that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up. 14" doll Brush Included Soft doll with vinyl head, legs and arms doll *Garments may vary   ..
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Baby Twins Gift Set
Angela and Aaliyah are cute, cuddly identical twins in soft pastel-colored bodysuits. Give the newborns a bottle while wrapped in their cozy blankets. Once fed, put them down for a nap snuggled up next to adorable teddy bears. Each has an extra outfit, so change them whenever you want. Two 12" dolls included Vinyl Doll body Set includes extra outfits and accessories ..
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Divah® Zair
Divah® Zair has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Her favorite color is aquamarine and she uses it in all of her creations. She loves designing outfits and playing mix and match with her own clothes. Her current outfit is a stylish denim jacket with matching jeans worn over a yellow blouse. To accessorize her outfits she wears a black hobo bag and a yellow cap with a butterfly on the side.  As a future fashion designer, Divah® Zair knows the yellow cap will highlight yellow undertones in her pecan skin and hazel eyes. Zair's favorite subjects are design and art.  But she doesn't let her other studies drop. She continues to be a straight "A" student and hopes to get a scholarship to design school. 18" doll Soft body with vinyl head, legs and arms Doll includes 7-piece outfit         ..
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Divah® Abrielle
Jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, Divah® Abrielle enjoys all types of dancing. She is a star in her school dance troupe and dreams of becoming a choreographer. Her love of dance started with ballet lessons when she was a little girl.  Soon her room was decorated with all kinds of dance posters. Her favorite birthday gift is from her grandmother, a wind-up jewelry box with a beautiful ballerina that dances when the box is opened. Inspired by the lovely tutu's worn by ballerinas she loves her beautiful pink, sparkly dress and ballet shoes. The color looks great against her custom buttercream skin tone and brown eyes. Her long wavy hair is perfectly tide into a side ponytail to show off the fabulous pink headband which matches her sparkly pink dress. 18" doll Soft body with vinyl head, legs and arms Doll includes 4-piece outfit ..
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Divah® Diana
Divah® Diana loves to write and daydream. Her favorite topics are fun things she and her friends can do and places they can visit. She loves to gather friends and read her stories aloud. Diana is a wonderful storyteller and listeners hang on her every word as she makes her story jump off the page and come alive. She creates poems, too, and often recites them in English class. When she grows up, she wants to write novels, plays and scripts for movies. Diana has beautiful caramel colored skin tone, golden brown eyes and dark brown hair.  She loves to wear it styled in two long, twisted braids.  Her outfit is a lovely mix of summer colors. She is wearing a pink denim jacket and pants set over a lime green striped shirt and cute tan boots. 18″ doll Soft body with vinyl head, legs and arms Doll includes 5-piece outfit ..
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Divah® Taylor
Ever since Divah® Taylor learned to move, she hasn't stopped being active. Sports are her favorite thing to do, if the game has a ball she most definitely wants to play. Swimming, track, snowboarding...she does it all! Her dream is to one day become and Olympian, and she knows that the only way to achieve those dreams is to work hard and never lose focus, that's why eating healthy is one of the most important parts of her day. But don't get her confused for a "Tom Boy" she loves girly clothes. The current outfit she has chosen features a white hat, white blouse spelling LOVE being highlighted with the Positively Perfect® Butterfly Logo. Her beautiful chocolate skin and dark brown eyes are framed by her braids and beautiful curly hair.  To complete her outfit she wears matching white boots and a cute denim skirt. Even though she's wearing a skirt, she makes sure to be ready for a sporty moment and always wears shorts to stay comfy. No matter the sport, she always looks great! ..
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NEW! Divah® Chef Outfit Set
NEW! Divah® Chef Outfit Set Your Divah® aspires to be a chef in this lovely outfit, It features: A cute short-sleeved tee with allover heart print Black long-leggings A pink Divah® chef apron featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo  A white chef hat  A pink chef glove One pair of black flat slippers Set includes 7 pieces, hangers not included Doll sold separately.                                           ..
NEW! Latina Divah® Aleyna
NEW! Divah® Aleyna loves animals, from fluffy bunny rabbits and hamsters that tickle her hand to scaly reptiles. After school she likes to play with her dog Bruno and cat Felix, which have taught her a lot about responsibility and caring for others. She hopes her mom will buy her a parakeet for her birthday, which is why she walks her dog and keeps her cat’s litter box clean! Nuestra nueva Divah® Aleyna ama a los animales, de conejitos pelosos a reptiles escamosos. Después de la escuela le gusta jugar con su perro Bruno y su gato Félix, quienes le han enseñado mucho acerca de la responsabilidad y el cuidado de los demás. Her lovely outfit features: A matching pink animal print vest and skirt A white long-sleeve blouse featuring the Positively Perfect® logo A pair of blue leggings White ruffle socks A pair of white tennis shoes A white cap also featuring the Positively Perfect® logo 9-piece outfit included with purchase of doll       ..
NEW! Divah® Doctor Outfit Set
Divah® Doctor Outfit Set Your Divah® aspires to be a doctor in this lovely outfit, It features: A cozy long-sleeved green doctors coat featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo A green doctors cap also featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo  A matching green face mask  One pair of white undershorts One pair of white sneakers One pair of matching shoe covers Set includes 8 pieces, hangers not included Doll sold separately                            ..
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NEW! Divah® Tennis Outfit Set
NEW! Divah® Tennis Outfit Set Your Divah® aspires to be a Pro Tennis player in this lovely outfit, It features: A stylish pink-short-sleeved striped tennis tee featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo A white tennis skirt  A matching tennis visor featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo One pair of white undershorts One pair of white and pink tennis shoes One white wrist band Set includes 7 pieces, hangers not included Doll sold separately.                                     ..
NEW! Divah® Khaki Outfit Set
NEW! Divah® Khaki Outfit Set Your Divah® is ready for any cute occasion with this outfit, It features: A Khaki mid-sleeved dress featuring the Positively Perfect® Logo White undershorts  One pair of black flat slippers Set includes 4 pieces, hangers not included Doll sold separately.                                                         ..
NEW! Latina Divah® Camila
NEW! Latina Divah® Camila loves school and learning with computers. After her homework assignments are completed, she enjoys reading adventure books.  Wherever she goes, she has her books to keep busy.  Recently, she discovered a new interest in writing, especially writing songs about her other Divah® friends. A nuestra nueva Divah® Camila le encanta la escuela, especialmente el aprendizaje con computadoras. Después de completar su tarea, le gusta leer libros y aprender sobre diferentes culturas y países. Her lovely outfit features: • A beautiful purple sparkly dress featuring the Positively Perfect® logo • Matching ballet shoes • One matching purple bow for hair • 4-piece outfit included with purchase of doll             ..
Divah® Taylor + Fashion Sets
This Doll + Fashion set inlcudes: One - 18" Divah® Taylor Doll Divah® Doctor Outfit Set  Divah® Chef Outfit Set Divah® Tennis Outfit Set Chair not inlcuded Outfits fit all 18" Divah® Dolls ..

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